D-2000 V


  • 12.1 inch compact and streamlined design
  • 2D, CFM, M, PW, CW, CMM, DPDI, Biopsy function
  • THI, SRI, SCI, TSI, FCI , EFov, HR flow, B-steer
  • Standard Auto IMT measurement
  • Support local and global amplification
  • Support PW auto trace and auto calculation
  • USB ports, supporting multi-data transmission
  • Dual Live and Multi-synchronization technologies
  • Fast Save – parameter saving/presetting
  • DICOM 3.0

Outstanding Clinical Application:

D-2000V has excellent performance and different applications according to user’s demands,Felidae, Canine, Ovine, Equine, Bovine/buffaloes, Swine, User-defined.