Warmer D-500

Infant Radio Warmer D 500
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Technical Specifications D-500

Control Type Microprocessor Controlled Unit
Power Requirements 220VAC, 50 Hz
Heater Capacity 500W (Ceramic heater)
Canopy mobility range Horizontal rotation 3200(1600 both clockwise and counterclockwise Radiation range +300
Temperature control Servo (Skin) Mode/ Manual/ Preheating mode
Skin temperature Setting range: 34.0~38.00C
Accuracy: + 0.30
Display range: 20.0~42.00C
Heater Output Setting range: 0~100%

(in 5% increments)

Indication range: 0~100%

(in 1% increments)

Timer APGAR mode /CPR

Mode switchable

APGAR Beep: 1,3 (option), 5,10 min
Examination lighting Power: 6W LED (2W * 3)
LED lamp Adjustable illumination intensity: 0~1500lux
LCD display 10” LCD touch screen
Pixel: 800 * 600
Bed tray Inclination angle

(back and forth :  +130

Mattress surface: 500 * 700 * 25mm
Mattress surface to ground height (standard): 90cm
Guard door: damping system
Cable access hole: 3
Dimensions 84(W) x 110(D) * 168(H)

Cm (standard)

Weight 110kg
Alarms Silence Hand free
Height adjustment Up to 30 cm

Weight Scale

Weight range 300 g to 8000 g
Weight display resolution 1 g
Weight accuracy +10 g

Drawable X-Ray Cassette Tray

Dimension 33 * 35 cm
Weight limit 5 kg

Pulse Oximeter Unit

Display range 1~100%SpO2
Display accuracy +2% (70~99%)
Pulse rate display range 30~240bmp
Pulse rate display accuracy 1% + 1 bpm


Manometer Pressure indication: -2~10 KPa (-20~100cmH2O)
Resusci-flow unit PMAX setting range

<6kPa (60cmH2O)

Suction Unit

Negative pressure range Suction pressure control range:

-24~0kpa(-180~0 mmHg)

Air pumping efficiency 0~15L/min

Storage / Shipping information

Temperature -250~600C
Humidity 0~95% RH
Safety / Alarm Visual & Audible Alarms: High / Low Temperature, Skin Temperature deviation Skin Temperature Sensor Failure, Mains Failure, Technical Fault